Cause Page FAQs


  • What is a Cause Page? 

    A Cause Page is a fundraising page that is live on and allows donations from most purchases on our site to go directly towards your cause.  Our mission is to help people and allow everyone to #wearthespotlight. You can create a Cause Page for ANYTHING that supports this mission.

  • How do I earn money? 

    When you set up a Cause Page, you will receive a unique link. Share this link with your friends and family, add it to the shop page of your website, or share it on your other fundraising pages. For every piece of jewelry sold, where your cause is selected, you will earn your donation.

  • I'm not a non-profit. Can I set up a Cause Page to raise money for something personal? 

    Yes! We are happy to support any cause that fits our mission of helping people. A perfect example of an individual Cause Page would be one that raises money for either your, or a loved one's, medical bills.

  • Where will you send the donations and how often?

    For charities/nonprofits, we send donations to their verified mailing address. For personal fundraisers, we mail donations to the address provided. Donations are sent monthly.

  • Does it cost me anything?

    Not a dime!

  • Can I edit my Cause Page?

    You may ask us to edit any portion of your page at anytime.

  • Can my Cause Page have more than one cause?

    Each Cause Page can support only one cause. Have more than one? No problem - you can create as many Cause Pages as you would like!

  • How do I share my Cause Page on Facebook?

    All you need to do to share your page on Facebook is to include the link for your Cause Page in your status update! Need help finding your Cause Page link? Just search for your page on our site and then copy it from the browser. 

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