Chair Makeover to Pair with Vanity Makeover

January 18, 2015

So, for Christmas I was gifted this gorgeous made over vanity. This was my boyfriend’s first “makeover project” and he did a beautiful job! Gold undertone with matte white all over, roughed up and gold knobs to go with. Just loveeeeeee it. So, naturally I needed a chair to go with…

After searching high and low for a chair through the blistering Michigan cold, we scored a mustard yellow wood dining chair with a ratty cushion for $5! And actually, when we were at the register, the consignment vendor was there and quoted us $10 but lowered it himself to $5. :)

Side note: I scored the gold light up mirror in the photo above for $10 at the same shop! Double :) :)

I wanted a chair to match my vanity but right before my boyfriend started working on the chair, his mom shared this brilliant idea she saw on Pinterest (we LOVE Pinterest) and I immediately had my heart set on that!

In LOVE with this dresser:   
Try it on a chair:

Here’s what Thomas (boyfriend <3) did to make this baby over so that it matches perfectly with my vanity:

Remove the seat The first step was to remove the seat and keep the screws handy (or you’ll end up having to find new screws later).

Sand it Unfortunately, we didn’t take a before pic of the ugly mustard but first thing was sanding the chair. You can probably go without this step but he wanted to make sure it was smooth all over.

Clean it He cleaned it with a wet rag to make sure there was no dust or dirt on it.

Let it dry He let it dry thoroughly. No painting when it is still wet.

Prime it He primed it with a white primer. It only took one coat for him to get it a good white as a base. You’ll want to make sure it is a good white so it’s easy to paint over with your final color.

Paint the chair the under tone color if you want the roughed up look We picked gold to match my vanity and he painted the whole chair because we wanted lots of gold to show through. It took him about 3-4 coats to get it good and gold.

gold makeover redo vanity chair

Tape on the lace and paint final color I wanted just the center piece to have lace and wanted the trim around that to stay gold so he covered each side with lace and painter’s tape and spray painted it white. One coat was enough to do it. Avoid overspraying the lace which may cause it to run.

lace paint makeover

Let dry and paint the rest of the chair Once dry, he covered the center of each side with cardboard and tape then spray painted the rest of the chair white. Avoid over spraying because spray paint tends to run. One coat was enough to complete the chair.

lace gold white dining chair makeover vanity lace dining chair makeover

Sand and rough it up He used a fine sand paper to rough up the spots we wanted so the gold would show through just a bit.

Wash the chair He washed it again and got it nice and clean. This is important so you get a beautiful finished product.

Apply acrylic clear coat He applied a spray acrylic clear coat to finish the painted portion.

We purchased a new cushion and I chose a burlap and gold polka dot fabric – soooo cute (and matches my diy burlap bed skirt I ended up making later)!

I actually helped on this part :) We cut an old shirt since the burlap was a little see through and covered the chair with it. Stapled that, then we put the burlap over and staple gunned that.

chair pad reupholster vanity makeover dining chair chair pad reupholster vanity makeover dining chair

He screwed the seat back on and voila, finished product!



P.S. This was my first blog post EVER so I would love to hear your comments and questions!

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